Welcome to Six & the City


Join me on an exclusive Six & the City trip to Munich. A small group of five women only, with me as your host to make up a perfect six.

I’ll make your visit to Munich an unforgettable, refreshing experience by embracing the power of the number 6.

Numerologists consider the number 6 to be a perfect number, based on the mathematical expression that 6 is both the sum and product of its factors.

Perfect numbers are associated with stability, harmony and uniqueness. 6 is the number most linked with love and family.

Why ‘boutique’? Well, to those that care, like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, the word boutique suggests small, but unique, niche quality and all things exquisite. Read more

Munich is the coolest city in Europe.


It’s my city and nobody knows better its most exclusive and special secrets. It’s the Bavarian capital and rated the world‘s most livable city by Monocle‘s Quality of Life Survey 2018.

I will invoke the power of 6 to bring you an unforgettable Six & the City boutique experience. We will enjoy this green city, known for its beautiful lush parks and gardens, many museums, and beautiful palaces and extraordinary 18th-Century architecture. But it’s a modern city too, a place of great contrasts and surprises, always stylish.

We’ll enjoy fine dining together, great bars and extraordinary entertainment, in places known only to locals with a fine sense of the best … and most fun! Before we all need to say goodbye we’ll also take a day trip to the magnificent Lake Tegernsee at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps.

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Meeting new like-minded women while sharing the passion for travelling in style

Let the spirit of our group take us to new discoveries and getting to know each other and maybe, to lifetime friendships. For sure, you’ll have a lot of material for your Instagram and Social Media.