I’ve been travelling the world, often solo, for more than 20 years (yes, I started early). Making good friends all over the world has given me a powerful, positive view of everything around me and of everyone in my life. Now I want to share that power, strength and confidence with you too.

That’s my soul calling, I want to inspire women to travel and be out there! Let me inspire you through the wonderful ambience of my hometown, Munich, Join this community of curious and brave women.

Why choose me as your host?

If you have a taste for all things wonderful, enjoy good service, want to get lost in a refreshing ambience and you appreciate high quality without spending a fortune, then join me and you’ll be in good company.

My passion for Bavaria and Munich, its capital city, means you’ll experience the best of both through the eyes of an insider. My love of travel brings the knowledge and creativity to ensure your time in my company will be an exceptional experience.

I believe every woman should experience solo female travel in a cultivated, safe and fun environment. My goal is to help women to build the self-confidence to fully embrace their journey of discovery through travel.

I’m offering my services to individual travelers, couples and families, please allow me to share the beauty of Munich as your exclusive guide.

Should you require a group booking please request our offer for the Six & the City Insider Experience.

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*** I am fluent in German, English and Italian.

Kathrin Stephanie di Lauro

Traveler. Discoverer. Wife.

My heritage is Bavaria, with its traditions and customs deeply rooted in my family and celebrated until today. When I was a young girl my parents would take me to the countryside, showing me all that Bavaria had to offer. My mother would lovingly hand make my dirndls (traditional dresses) for all social occasions and when there was a special event -like a family wedding, she’d take me to have one custom-made at the tailor.


At 18 I left Munich to see the world and when I was 21 I became engaged to the most amazing Italian man, with whom I have enjoyed the happiest marriage ever since. However, I continue to see the world mostly solo, as my businessman husband spends so much of his time working from Sofia, Bulgaria.


After many years abroad I returned home and fell in love again with Bavaria, Munich and all my family had shared. I appreciate and embrace Bayerische Lebensart und Gemütlichkeit, The Bavarian way of life and sense of belonging.