Frequently Asked Questions

for the Women-only Group Tours

1 What is Six & the City all about?

Six & the City is a community of independent women who want to be out there, discovering the world through travel … but travelling in style! The focus is always on niche quality, a small group and great service.

I often hear women saying they don’t like to travel by themselves; they’re worried about feeling lonely or encountering circumstances they’d not feel at ease with. Six & the City is a great way to break out of this anxiety, it gives women the opportunity to travel alone, without the need of waiting for a friend to come along. It offers a safe and exciting opportunity to join like-minded travel companions. We aim to enrich our fellows through a safe and trustworthy ambiance, where we can all grow and overcome limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns. 

Through a shared appreciation of what makes us all individuals and remarkable women, we create an atmosphere of acceptance instead of judgment. At Six & the City, we’re creating a space for trust, good company and maybe lifetime friendships.

2 Why choose Munich for a weekend trip?

Six & the City is an insider experience in Munich, my hometown. It’s a unique and exclusive offering for women who travel solo and want to meet up and enjoy a weekend together with like-minded female traveling companions. 

We take in the culture, all the highlights and the very best of the Bavarian capital that casual tourists rarely discover. Optionally, we may also take a full day trip to the fairytale Schloss Neuschwanstein or visit the magnificent Lake Tegernsee at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Our days are filled with strolling through the city and enjoying good cuisine in authentic and intriguing bars and restaurants. 

3 What’s in our Package?

We offer a niche, discreet product with the highest service standards that allows you to see Munich through the eyes of an insider. You’ll experience the best Munich has to offer. As a boutique travel agency, we ensure our customers enjoy our unique offerings within a budget of their own choosing for travel and accommodation. 

We do not routinely include flights and accommodation so you can tailor the trip to your own preferences and budget. However, we will be pleased to help you find the best flight deals and accommodation – just let us know your requirements! 

4 Our philosophy:

The more you praise and celebrate life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Connecting with like-minded women at a Six & the City weekend is like setting out on a journey to discovering yourself, to great friendships and to new horizons. Let Munich be your change in perspective through the extraordinary. To make this lofty ambition work for you we see our service as your . We will be your host and personal assistant and we strive to make sure your journey to Munich was that first, all-important step to fun, good experience, great companionship and a new perspective. 

5 What is the one message we’d like to convey to our Six & the City community?

“She is the kind of queen that knows her crown isn’t on her head but in her soul.”

Our goal is to uplift women, to inspire them to realize their capacity for living self-conscious and fulfilled lives. Our community is led by kindness and cultural empathy.

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